Vitamin Status Starts with Vitamin D


Vitamin status is vital. This is true whether you value it or not. In practicing Quality of Life Medicine at Feel Great Arizona, we answer the important question, “Do you have what you need?” Let’s begin where we place the highest value – Vitamin D.

The D in Vitamin D is for Dependency. Your body needs it.

Remember the role as much the name. Vitamin D is actually a hormone. Therefore, it should be maintained at proper levels for you to be healthy, protected, and feel your best.

Estimates show as many as 2000 of your genes are in some way impacted by Vitamin D. Sure, we all know about the power of genetics given to you at birth. However, Vitamin D can help to alter genetics either positively or negatively. You do have some power here.

If your levels are good, your genes will function more efficiently. If your levels are not good, your genes will function less efficiently. Poor functioning genes often result in chronic illness.

The D in Vitamin D is for Deficiency. You may be lacking.  

This deficiency often leads to danger. Estimates show every year some 60,000 of your fellow Americans die prematurely of cancer, related to Vitamin D deficiency. Low levels of Vitamin D also place you at higher risk for asthma and Alzheimer’s, bone loss and bone disease, brain structural abnormalities, cognitive decline, dementia and diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, osteoporosis and on and on.


The D in Vitamin D is for Disappointment. Sorry about that.

We see it all the time. Patients are shocked and often angry when they get test results showing a Vitamin D deficiency. Why? Because they knew the value of Vitamin D and were religiously taking Vitamin D3 supplements every single day. Some people have been taking both Vitamin D and Calcium with D, and their test results still showed them at levels well below where they should be.

The real disappointment is these over the counter supplements have left our patients knowing they’ve also been held over a barrel.

Don’t take our word for it. Take our patients’ word for it. Or go ahead and Google it if you want. The FDA and attorney generals are accusing manufacturers and major retailers involved with over the counter supplements of selling fraudulent products.

Our patients don’t get fooled again. The solution is simple. We make sure you get what you pay for with prescription-grade Vitamin D from our trusted compound pharmacy.


In Arizona, the D in Vitamin D is for Dilemma. It revolves around the sun.

Early in school, we all learned this was “The sunshine vitamin.” Our bodies actually make Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) waves. A chemical reaction occurs penetrating our bloodstream, and converting to Vitamin D-3.

Throughout the state of Arizona, and especially in a place known as the “Valley of the Sun,” we should have no problems getting sunlight and making our own natural supply of D, right? Wrong.

Most of those who call Arizona home are well aware of the power and potential danger of the sun here. The big fear is getting too much sun exposure. We’re so beyond worrying about sunburn here. We’re all about not winding up with melanoma or skin cancers.

As a result, we cover up with clothing and hats as best we can. Or, we lather up our bodies with sunscreen and sunblock when we choose to stay outside in the middle of the day.

The best of both worlds in Arizona may be staying safe from too much sun exposure and taking precautions from skin cancer, while getting your pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin D.

The D in Vitamin D is for Doses. More than before is better.

Experts used to believe a daily level of 400 IU (international units) was sufficient. Now we know more about recommendations varying based on gender and age.   

For most patients, Dr. Karen recommends 5,000 IU daily. In some instances, higher levels are suggested.

Don’t get down on yourself for taking over the counter Vitamin D3 supplements. At Feel Great Arizona, we’ve even treated a pharmacist as a patient who got caught in the disappointing trap.

Vitamin B12 (also known as cyanocobalamin).

This key member of the B vitamin family helps with normal brain function, and works to calm and maintain a healthy nervous system. It also supports a healthy metabolism and adrenal function.

You only get Vitamin B12 from animal foods, such as meat, eggs, poultry, fish, and dairy products. If your diet is vegan or otherwise lacking in animal foods, chances are you’ll show a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Then there’s genetics.

Symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, diarrhea, mouth sores, bleeding gums, and numbness.

A occasional shot in the arm of Vitamin B12 from Feel Great Arizona can provide a real shot in the arm for your health and quality of life.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Red Yeast Rice.

In our clinic, Dr. Karen is not a proponent of prescribing statins. Therefore, we carry Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Red Yeast Rice as recommended treatments for cholesterol.

There is strong evidence Niacin (Vitamin B3) can boost your level of good HDL cholesterol, while lowering your bad LDL cholesterol. Some studies have shown it works just as well or better than prescription drug statins, but without the well-known risks.

Red Yeast Rice is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine used for centuries. It is extracted from rice fermented with a yeast, Monascus purpureus. It has ingredients which contain “healthy fats” and natural ingredients which can control cholesterol levels.

The problem with over the counter Niacin and Red Yeast Rice is the same one with Vitamin D. Your solution is also the same. You get yours through us, and know what you’re getting is the real deal.

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