Testosterone Therapy Lowers Risks

Testosterone therapy is more than just feel good treatment. It is evidence- based preventive medicine. The latest proof looked at testosterone therapy in hundreds of men with low testosterone levels. The data shows increasing testosterone levels greatly lowered the risk of adverse health events. This includes unwanted events such as:

Coronary Artery Disease

Heart Attack



Cardiovascular researchers from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute led the study. They just presented their findings in Salt Lake City, Utah at the American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Session.

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Dr. Brent Muhlestein is co-director of cardiovascular research at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute. "The study shows testosterone replacement therapy to increase testosterone to normal levels in androgen-deficient men doesn't increase their risk of a serious heart attack or stroke. That was the case even in the highest-risk men. Those had known pre-existing heart disease."

Testosterone Therapy Study Results

Dr. Muhlestein and his team of researchers studied a total of 755 male patients. The men were between the ages of 58 and 78. All of them had severe coronary artery disease. They were treated with doses of either testosterone injections or gels.

Other patients received a placebo. Those patients were 80 percent more likely to have an adverse health event.

After one year in the study, 64 of the male patients not treated with testosterone had events. Meanwhile, only 12 of the participants with moderate testosterone doses, Nine with high doses of testosterone therapy had cardiovascular events.

The tally after three years in the study was equally convincing. 125 of the non-testosterone patients had major cardiovascular events. A total of 38 of the medium dose had adverse health events. Meanwhile, just 22 of those with high doses of testosterone therapy had events.

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