We offer a variety of medical solutions to improve your overall health, and Quality of Life.

As a licensed psychiatrist, Karen Godwin Canulla, M.D. can help you to greater emotional help through therapy and prescription medications.

She s trained and specialized in the wide-ranging benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women. Dr. Karen can help you get back to looking great and feeling great by optimizing your hormones to the levels when you felt more youthful, energetic, and focused.

Vitamin D is a hormone which plays an important role. Yet, many people even those in the Valley of the Sun, do not have sufficient levels of Vitamin D. Sadly, this even includes those who take Vitamin D daily as an over the counter supplement. They simply aren't getting what the paid for or what they thought they were getting.

Thyroid stabilization is another of the valuable services at Feel Great Arizona. This one is something of a hidden treasure. Many times women and men feel like their body is acting like a car in dire need of an oil change or tune up. Dr. Karen boosting your thyroid can help you get back the daily drive and performance you want.