Live Jacked in Scottsdale

Getting carjacked. Bad. Training at Live Jacked. Good.

Live Jacked is a personal training studio. It’s located a couple of doors away from our Feel Great Arizona Clinic on N. Miller Road in the heart of Scottsdale.

Michael Blake is the likeable Chicago transplant who bought the business in 2014. Earlier this year, the business became our neighbor. “For the first 7 years it was called, ‘Jacked by Jodscheidt,’ Michael explained. “I didn’t want to change the name to ‘Body by Blake.’ But I really liked the ‘Jacked’ part of it. So I thought about it. We want this to be about people having a better lifestyle. We want people to feel great and show some muscle. We want them to live jacked. So I named it ‘Live Jacked.’”


Photo: Michael Blake. 2nd from left. The Live Jacked Owner is Arizona's Top TRX Trainer.

In about the same it takes to do one pushup, you will realize Michael Blake is passionate about helping people. He is surprised to say Live Jacked doesn’t have a typical client. But the training studio does appeal to two different types of women and men. There are those who want to lose weight and get in shape. Plus, there are the people who just want to get stronger and into even better condition.

“Our clients go from age 24 to 73,” Michael said. “We take you to the next level you can’t do on your own."

live jacked personal training

“We recently added classes,” said Michael. “But our real strength is personal training. Most people don’t even ask their personal trainer for credentials. I looked hard for the very best personal trainers I could find. We have trainers who can change your body’s chemistry with exercise. Diets without exercise are never going to work.”

It’s nice to have a neighboring business which also wants to help people to look great and feel great. What’s even better is the Live Jacked Team knows the power our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can have on their clients. And Feel Great Arizona knows the power of Live Jacked’s personal training can have on our patients.

As part of our new found synergy, we’ll be giving away Free Fitness Assessments at our Feel Great Arizona booth at the 2016 Arizona Ultimate Women’s Expo this weekend. We hope to see you at the Phoenix Convention Center. Remember booth #1031.

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