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It’s good to follow your heart. This is the direct path for pursuing your passion, your purpose, emotional health, and the higher quality of life you want. However, you would be wise to remember this:

In following your heart, it is your brain which acts as the GPS.

Think about it.

Your brain is the most powerful and complicated organ you have. It impacts your whole body. Every system in your body is run through your brain. Emotional health issues are stored and managed by your brain. If not dealt with properly, they have the ability to throw the whole person and their life plans off course.

Everyone has issues.

You haven’t lived if you don’t.

It’s part of being human.

Emotional health and mental health issues express themselves in countless ways causing deterioration in the body. These range from stress and anxiety, weight gain and weight loss, insomnia, addiction, loss of motivation, energy, and focus, violence toward others, self-sabotage, and much more.

This is why managing your emotional health is so important if you want physical health, personal growth, happiness, and the sheer beauty of a life with balance. For example:

  • If you address only the physical health aspects of weight loss while ignoring emotional health issues which impact the weight gain, is it any wonder so many people fail on diets?
  • If a woman receives a prescription for menopausal-related depression, but restoring her body to a healthy level of estrogen is overlooked, how much of a higher quality of life do you think she will enjoy?

You will only feel balance and strength by improving your physical, mental, and emotional health. This is how you bring your whole body, mind, and soul back into its natural alignment.

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Emotional health is an essential part of your Quality of Life Medicine experience at Feel Great Arizona.You cannot remove the brain from achieving the quality of life you want?

Exactly. You can’t.

“Thanks. I just really needed someone to talk to.”

How many times have you said that, felt it, or had it said to you? Talking with friends, family, and co-workers can be good. But often it is not enough or cannot do enough. Today more than ever, more people are choosing the success and solutions of professional counseling.

Various counselors and psychotherapists provide an array of mental health services and emotional support for people like you in your church, company, and community. These professionals practice psychology.

Psychiatrists are different.

A Scottsdale psychiatrist such as Dr. Karen is a highly skilled mental health professional who also happens to be a medically trained doctor, (an M.D.). The added benefit is a licensed psychiatrist being an M.D., can provide you with the right prescription medications for your overall health and success.

The Feel Great Arizona clinic in Scottsdale provides men and women with one-stop Quality of Life Medicine solutions for improved physical and emotional health.

Don’t settle for med checks or just quieting your symptoms. Let’s truly help you by uncovering the root cause of what you’re there for in the first place.If you’re tired, stressed, and unmotivated, let’s figure out why. If we do, then we can create the right treatment to actually transform your life.

With Dr. Karen, her experience and expertise can get you going in the right direction quickly. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

You’ll get a one on one visit with privacy and protection. Using her open door, open heart, and open mind, Dr. Karen will meet with you and be that person you can safely talk to about anything and everything. She will listen to you, observe you, and provide support for you without judgment.

Biologically speaking, she will closely analyze your test results to uncover and address any hidden hormonal imbalances or deficiencies which you never even knew knocked your life off track. She can then prescribe proven medical solutions customized specifically for you.

Keep in mind, you do this together.

Dr. Karen doesn’t dictate the treatment plan. She proposes it and explains it in a way you can understand. You make the choice to get on board and to what extent. After all, your quality of life goals come from within. It is your body, your life, and therefore it should be your decision, shouldn’t it?

This easily explains why so often men and women like you quickly see why of all the possible names on the planet, this clinic is called:

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Think outside the box and inside your brain. It’s not crazy to see a psychiatrist as part of a holistic approach to your emotional health and physical health. What’s crazy is the all too common pretending that somehow…magically…the brain (our most powerful organ) isn’t totally involved in the healthy body and healthy living we all want.

Find the right doctor, find the right personalized medicine treatment, and you’ll enjoy emotional health and the quality of life you’ve been hoping to find.

Isn’t it time for you? Isn’t it time to feel like you once did and can do again? Contact Dr. Karen now, and take the first step toward a higher quality of life. It’ll feel great just to schedule an appointment at our Feel Great Arizona clinic. Call (480) 941-1952.