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Did you ask yourself, “What is Quality of Life Medicine?” You probably came up with a pretty good answer, didn’t you?After all, it’s not brain surgery. It just makes sense.

Here’s how we view it at Feel Great Arizona:

Quality of Life Medicine isproviding patients like you with personalized medical solutions to help you feel your best so youcan enjoy your life and have the energy and motivation to do your chosen daily activities.

We achievesuccess by listening to you, analyzing you, and working with you in taking the most effective steps to help you balance your body, mind, and soul. When you give your body what it wants and what it’s lacking, it’s amazing how quickly you can see positive change.

A big piece of our medical practice is using highly effective and customized hormone replacement therapy when needed. We identify your deficient hormones which decline with age, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, growth hormone, and DHEA. We then replace them with BioIdentical Hormones, and restore them to the levels they were when you were younger, taking you back to the time when you felt better physically and emotionally.

Remember the “real” you, don’t you?

We admit it. Quality of Life Medicine is Not“Normal.”

This is not your grandmother’s or grandfather’s Conventional Medicine. It is different. We don’t accept the belief aging has to be an inevitable downhill slide away from health and happiness. Adulthood doesn’t have to mean a day by day deterioration of one’s quality of life. Cancer, dementia, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases don’t have to be part of the “normal” aging process.

Conventional Medicine often takes a wait and see approach if a patient’s results are in the “normal” range. But normal isn’t the same for every person, is it? This playing it safe approach can actually be dangerous, or at least detrimental for patients. It simply sends them back to fend for themselves in their unfulfilled life, until their physical and/or emotional health gets bad enough to treat.

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On the other hand in practicing Quality of Life Medicine, Dr. Karen places added importance on a patient having symptoms. In making decisions on whether or not to take action and start treatment, it is important to consider how a patient feels. Naturally, since every patient knows better than anyone how he or she feels, Quality of Medicine wisely includes the patient taking an active role in their own treatment, overall health, and quality of life.

The saying, “Tomorrow is promised to no one” is true. Living for today and being present in the moment is all any of us really have, despite what we think or hope we may have. Bringing to light the most frequently used hypothetical medical question, “If you knew you had six months to live, what would you do?”

Your choice would be either get busy living…or get busy dying.

Dr. Karen Godwin Canulla is dedicated to a patient centered healthcare approach. She serves every woman and man by offering her medical expertise and experience to diagnose and treat symptoms, while also addressing their root cause. Then, through collaboration and cooperation with every patient, together they make a personalized decision to take the best course of action for physical and emotional health…for quality of life.

To help you better see and feel the heart of the matter, suppose we take a closer look at Quality of Life Medicine using some of the most common concerns of patients in our Feel Great Arizona clinic.

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Imagine you are a patient.

You are clearly showing some negative symptoms of low estrogen levels or low testosterone levels (Low T). You are suffering from them, too. You are constantly fatigued. You are losing the battle of the bulge with unwanted belly fat. Your ability to focus is a fight with brain fog. Your mood, motivation, and self-esteem are in free fall. As if all that is not enough of a challenge, you also have a lack of sexual desire, and have lost your ability to achieve orgasm. You are a shell of who you once were, and want desperately to be that person again.

Now, here comes the medical problem on top your life problems. The numbers. Your hormone levels are only low normal. They are within the considered “normal” range, but on the low end. If you are relying on Conventional Medicine…you’re stuck.

Now, pretend for a moment you’re sitting across from Dr. Karen reviewing your blood test results. Would it feel like the right choice to do nothing but wait and see if your critically important hormone levels decline enough to officially drop below “normal”?

Would that approach do anything but continue to destroy your quality of life, and the quality of life for those closest to you? What if that added time of allowing your quality of life to deteriorate was enough to bring on a breaking point in your marriage, or cause you to lose your job? What if you also knew by not treating your underperforming hormones it was failing to protect you and put you at greater risk for heart disease, stroke, and more?

At Feel Great Arizona, we don’t think that’s healthy or “normal.”

This is why we practice 21st Century Quality of Life Medicine. If this sounds good to you, and you’d like start feeling great like you did before, take the first step in regaining control of the quality of life you want. Call Dr. Karen today at (480) 941-1952.

Get busy living.

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